Welcome to arya bal shanti niketan

Arya Bal Shanti Niketan the institute of excellence is a co-education English medium school, located in the centre of the Munger town on Munger-Jamalpur road. School enjoys a green, pollution free environment and provides a progressive broad based and comprehensive education for both boys and girls from far and near with all modern facilities such as computers, Well equipped laboratories, Math Lab, Rich library, spacious play ground, Kinder garden, audio visual classroom, activity room etc.

Founder Late Sri Om Prakash Arya

Arya Bal Shanti Niketan school was established by a Genial and saintly person Late Sri Om Prakash Arya, the most houourable for us on 2nd Jan 1973 in the memory of his beloved father Late sri Kartik Prasad. He was born on 10th Jan. 1932. With the MSc B.Ed he was determined to serve the society.

Late Sri Arya started his career as a teacher. As he knew that a teacher is the only person who could improve as well as mould the society into well being. He felt that our society needed an ideal school in which children of each and every caste and community could get the moralful education free from any discriminations. He took an oath that the product of this school would be outstanding. He Always inspired the students as well as the teachers to work sincerely and honestly. He wished for all round success of each and every students and the school, which has already been fulfilled as the Arya Bal Shanti Niketan has got the affiliation from CBSE and running on the path shown by him.

He departed to the heavenly world on 19th May 2004 at 12:35 pm leaving all of us in mournful condition.

Notice Board

School Circular

1.Hindi spoken is not allowed in school premises.

2.Teach every chapter thoroughly get written all the question – answers and check the fair copy with red pen.

3.Five minutes have to spend everyday on discipline to see uniform, shoes ties etc.

4.Advise the student to attend the school in proper time.

5.Encourage the students to speak English in the school and at their houses also.

6.Using of stick is prohibited to punish the students.

7.Home work must be written clearly from taught topics in each period and check it in the last period.

8.In Montessori classes home work diary must be written by the subject teacher clearly in each period.

9.Hindi and English Rhymes must be taught with action.

10.Students have to remember home – work , if they neglect inform manager/principal.

11.Activities work must be performed in Science , Mathematics and in social science as well as computer.

12.After finishing the chapter , class test must be taken.

13.Student’s books and fair copies should be covered in brown paper with sticker.

14.Affix your photograph in home diary, complete the column and get it signed by the principal.

15. Teacher will stay in the class room according to the fourth period and after ringing the bell , the teacher will go in their respective classes.

16.The subject teacher has to divide the book according to the day and assessment examination.

17.In each period , a teacher has to maintain ; Std – , Subject – , Period – and date and chapter name on the middle of the writing board.

18.Students have to sit in the class room in proper way and their sitting arrangement will change in chain system.

19.Student will come in the assembly in a row and the teacher will help them in making and after starting the assembly the teacher will stand behind the row.

20.In dismissal time , the male teacher will be out of the school premises for the safety of the students and the female teacher will see the arrangement inside the school.

21. If a students fails to understand English to English completely, thirty percent Hindi language can be used to make himself understand.

22.Group discussion must be organized for spoken and reasoning development.

23.Attention must be paid for good handwriting in each subject.

24.The student up to class five will use pencil to write with and from 6th to 12th will use ball pen for writing.

25.Assembly will be arranged by the class teacher for one week in descending order.

26.Monthly lession plan must be maintained by the subject teacher for each class and each subject.

27.Every staff has to maintain the discipline and manners.

28.In attendance register , a teacher has to write 1, 2, 3,4…….. for the presence of the student.

29.If a student has to go out of the class or enter the class room ; he/she has to take permission mannerly.

30.In the first period and in the fifth period , no student is allowed to go out of the class.

31.No working help can be taken by the student like bringing register from office and water for drinking.

32.All the rules must be followed Positively.

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